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Tug of War at the Olympic Games (historical)

Gold Silver Bronze
1900, Jul 16 Paris FRA SWE/ DEN Racing Club de France FRA not awarded
1904, Aug 31 - Sep 01 St. Louis USA Milwaukee AC USA St. Louis Southwest Turnverein I USA St. Louis Southwest Turnverein II USA
1906, Apr 30 Athina GRE GER GRE SWE
1908, Jul 18 London GBR City of London Police GBR Liverpool Police GBR K Division Police GBR
1912, Jul 08 Stockholm SWE SWE GBR only two teams
1920, Aug 17-18 Antwerpen BEL GBR NED BEL

1900: There was also a private match of the SWE/ DEN combination versus an US team.

Tug of War at strength sports world championships (historical)

1910, Jun 05-06 Düsseldorf GER (organized by the German federation Deutscher Athletenverband - DAV)
1913, Jul 27-28 Breslau GER (today Polish Wrocław)(organized by the Internationaler Amateur-Weltverband für Schwerathletik)

Besides Weightlifting and Wrestling there were also events in Tug of War.

World Champions Runners-up Third place
1910 Lightweight (‹450 kg) Kraftsportklub Aschaffenburg GER Hohenzollern Düsseldorf GER Germania Essen GER
1910 Heavyweight (›450 kg) Athletenklub 1886 Düsseldorf GER Kraftsport-Verein Oberhausen GER ???
1913 Polisens IF Stockholm SWE Breslauer Athl-Verein GER ---

Remark: On this website, you will only find events of the early days of the sport not the championships of the 1960 formed Tug of War International Federation (TWIF).

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